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All successful businesses share the same goal – to increase revenue and grow. To reach that goal, they need to treat every customer relationship as an opportunity. SuperOffice CRM is a platform that helps you convert your prospect and customer data into tangible actions and achieve your goals. By connecting different customer data into one single view and optimizing workflows, SuperOffice CRM gives your sales, marketing and sales professionals immediate access to all customer-related insights, helping them to foster stronger relationships and take informed actions to grow revenue.


SuperOffice CRM offers you the platform you need to bridge the gap between customer data and revenue. It also helps you handle your customer interactions better by putting your customers first, as well as do more with your time, data and resources.


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    Shared view

    SuperOffice CRM gives everyone in your organization a 360-degree overview of all ongoing or planned activities and communications with a specific customer, making collaboration across teams easier than ever.

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    Process support

    SuperOffice CRM supports all key sales, marketing and customer service processes, so that you can optimize them to match your customers’ unique journey to your brand.

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    A flexible system

    Depending on your current or evolving needs, you can choose either one or multiple products, be it sales, marketing or service. You can be flexible with your SuperOffice CRM and expand it as your business grows.

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    Built-in intelligence

    SuperOffice CRM is equipped with AI functionality that helps your teams to do more with customer and prospect data, by acting faster, communicating better and generating more impact.

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    Customer engagement

    SuperOffice CRM offers a Customer Engagement Platform that consists of several tools for building various self-service options for your customers – ensuring that you deliver great customer experiences 24/7.

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    Personal productivity

    SuperOffice CRM provides efficient work tools for customer-facing users to execute their daily, repetitive tasks, increase their productivity, and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues by easily sharing documents, diaries, emails, projects, and much more.


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Every business is unique, that’s why the solutions you choose should fit your needs precisely. We can make your SuperOffice CRM fit you like a glove, so that you can work with the tools that you already have. We offer a number of apps and integrations that allow you to customize your sales, service and marketing processes to the way you work. And if your company grows, our CRM solution can be expanded and adapted to your changing needs.

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