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SuperOffice partners

Our SuperOffice experts, along with our ecosystem of capable partners, will help you get the most out of your SuperOffice experience. Whether you need help with the implementation, setting up your business processes, migration of data, training, custom integrations or help in getting the solution to work the way you do, we’ve got a partner for you. We’ve got partners that we love and trust in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK and Ireland. Please visit your local site to find out who these great guys are.

Software partners

These smart people develop modules that work seamlessly with SuperOffice. You can also get their modules for SuperOffice CRM Online from the App Store.

  • Pointagram

    Pointagram is a free online gamification tool that allows companies to create motivating, engaging and fun competitions for their teams. The integration ensures that competitions are automatically updated with relevant input from SuperOffice. Pointagram also has a mobile app where team members can follow, comment, or update their scores.

  • Amesto Solutions

    Amesto Solutions is a Scandinavian reseller of SuperOffice CRM with offices in 12 locations in the Nordic area. They have expertise and supply solutions covering three main areas; being CRM, ERP and HRM. Amesto Solution also have a team of skillful people that develops modules and tools available for SuperOffice CRM running in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Cloudify

    Cloudify is an integration specialist with extensive knowledge of how to apply cloud integration platforms such as Zapier; a platform connecting SuperOffice CRM Online to more than a thousand other business applications. A member of Zapier’s Expert Panel, Cloudify assist companies with automating and streamlining their value chain from A to Z; from mapping the need for automation, recommending solutions, defining and implementing workflows, to tracking and supporting Zapier workflows.

  • All-CRM

    All-CRM delivers custom made SuperOffice CRM solutions. Apps include the EmailPreview, which immediately shows the contents of an email, PDF, document or image directly in the mini-card in SuperOffice and the LinkedIn Connector which connects your LinkedIn contacts to your SuperOffice and imports your business contacts straight into your CRM system.

  • Business Analyze

    Business Analyze provides leaders, teams, and individuals with insights they can act on. Their visual analytics platform is a simple way to gather, analyze and present data in a way that people can see and use everyday.

  • ConnectMyApps

    ConnectMyApps is a cloud-based platform with ready-made integrations between common business software applications, such as accounting, invoicing, CRM, e-commerce and more. These integrations typically focus on synchronizing data and cuts out tedious admin tasks, saves you time and ensures access to updated information when you need it.

  • Ganske Enkelt

    Ganske Enkelt have extensive branch experience and help companies implement their CRM strategies with SuperOffice. In addition, they develop a family of applications designed to further improve the SuperOffice experience. This include apps to prospect data and send SMS directly from SuperOffice.

  • eMarketeer

    eMarketeer delivers a marketing automation solution that is fully integrated with SuperOffice. They offer a range of tools to support the professional marketeer with lead generation, tracking and campaign management as the main objectives.

  • InfoBridge Software

    InfoBridge offer corporate calendar synchronization for SuperOffice customers to keep in sync with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google for Work or IBM Lotus Notes. In addition, Infobridge offers a range of standard business tools and modules that adds value to your CRM processes, as well as help customers with customized integrations and solutions.

  • Visma Consulting

    Visma Consulting help both public and private companies develop, modernize and maintain IT-solutions. Their solution Visma Addo lets you streamline your signing procedure, and store your signed documents directly in SuperOffice. The solution allows you to send documents via email or text message, and your clients can sign them anywhere and at any time - on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Siteshop

    Siteshop offer a range of apps that add value to your SuperOffice workflow. Apps include the ability to search, find, add or update companies in SuperOffice directly from the Danish Bisnode database, and a cloud based integration service that quickly and safely lets you connect any of your cloud or on-premise based data sources to SuperOffice CRM Online.

  • Keyforce

    Keyforce offers standard integration modules between SuperOffice and ERP systems including the portfolio of solutions from Visma and Microsoft. Keyforce also offers a range of additional modules to enrich SuperOffice and support your CRM processes. This includes a module for fast registration of new contact data, an advanced SMS Communications module, and industry solutions for wholesale and media.

  • ON IT

    ON IT is a specialist firm delivering consultancy services, apps and integrations, mainly towards solutions from Visma Software. ON IT offers a Sync for SuperOffice which lets you synchronize customers, suppliers, and contacts effortlessly between and SuperOffice. is Visma's flagship ERP solution in the cloud and used by thousands of customers every day.

  • i-Centrum

    i-Centrum is a system integrator focusing on the processes within CRM. They also create standard modules that build and extend SuperOffice whether online or onsite. Including in their portfolio are integrations to Click, Bisnode, Dunn & Bradstreet, GetAccept, and more. They also offer a free app that lets you add geodata into your SuperOffice solution.

  • SP softwarepartner

    SP softwarepartner provides SuperOffice customers with a lot of web based add-on modules and apps. Particularly strong in integrating SuperOffice with ERP solution, they also have released a standard telephony connector in the App Store. The SP CTI Enhancer app connects your telephone system with your SuperOffice CRM Online to optimize your workflow with your customers and prospect and work smarter.

International partners

For those of you who are in Finland and in North America, give these guys a shout:

  • DB Manager - Finland

    DB-Manager Oy is a software company that focuses on developing and marketing solutions that improve customer’s productivity and profitability. The key products they deliver in addition to SuperOffice include Fusion, WinPlan and FuturaPlan. 

  • SuperOffice CRM - USA and Canada

    SuperOffice CRM Inc. is an independent partner focused soley on selling SuperOffice and is based in North America. They sell, implement and service SuperOffice CRM in the US and Canada.

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